Broome Civic Centre Hire Conditions:

  1. All Patrons: an Emergency Evacuation Plan detailing emergency exit and muster point locations is attached for your information.  Please familiarise yourself with this document and retain it for referral during your event.

  2. All Patrons will ensure as a matter of priority that Exit and Fire Equipment remains unobstructed at all times.  All able bodied patrons will assist those with mobility restrictions when safe to do so in the event of an emergency. No persons are authorised to touch the fire control panel.

  3. Hire application form must be signed prior to commencement of Hire.

  4. The Hirer understands that the building is managed by automated systems.  The air conditioning and ambient lighting controls are set.  Opening of any bi-fold door or louvre window will cause the air conditioning system to shut down temporarily.  Access and egress to the main hall is via the three pairs of timber doors.

  5. Hirers are required to pay the bond to secure their booking 14 days prior. NO payment may result in termination of your booking.  All fees are to be paid in accordance with Broome Civic Centre standard fees and charges.

  6. The Hirer is responsible for set up and pack down of chairs and tables stacked neatly in the storerooms in maximum stacks of 10.  Chair and table trolleys and dollies to be used at all times.  Excessive damage to floor surfaces is deemed the responsibility of the hirer and may result in loss of bond.  Electrical switchboards are to remain unobstructed at all times.

  7. Hired areas are to be left in a clean and tidy, ‘as found’ condition. Checklist to be referred to by users.

  8. Hirers are responsible for damages incurred by dependent guest/children. Damage to Venue property, shall be paid for by any person(s) who wilfully or negligently causes such damage.  Any damage discovered prior to hire commencement, please report to reception. This will ensure that your group will not be held responsible.

  9. Hirers are to maintain and keep good order and decent behaviour.

  10. The Hirer must ensure that people attending the function or on site adhere to the smoking policy.  Smoking is prohibited anywhere inside the building or within 5 metres of the entrances to the building including the ramp access and any undercover external area.  Three smoking areas are provided, one at the back of the venue adjacent to the green room, and two at the front of the building.  Patrons failing to comply with this policy will be instructed to leave the event/venue and not permitted to return.  

  11. The Hirer agrees to pay any government taxes, whether current or to be enacted, including GST, that may become applicable to this contract and this club may be required to collect and remit.

  12. The Hirer agrees to comply with all noise regulations and to limit their effect on neighbouring properties.

  13. The Hirer is responsible for any payments due under the Copyright Act and the Hirer agrees to indemnify Council against any action resulting from no- payment or non-compliance with copyright laws. The Broome Shire Council or Broome Civic Centre is under no obligation to ensure, prior to the use of the premises that the activity for which the venue is hired does not infringe copy right.

  14. The Hirer understands that no portion of the building shall be sublet or transfer any tenancy assigned without the written consent of the Venue Manager.

  15. Hirers must provide evidence of or ‘Certificate of Currency’ of PUBLIC LIABILITY cover which will indemnify Broome Civic Centre and Shire of Broome in case of any claims arising out of your use of the centre.  Minimum cover required is ten (10) million dollars.  Proof of same is to be forwarded with the booking to enable confirmation. 

  16. The Hirer shall indemnify and keep indemnified, Shire of Broome and it’s agents, from and against all claims, demands, writs, summonses, actions, suits, losses and expenses of any nature whatsoever, which may occur in connection with the loss of life, personal injury and/or damage to property of any person using or entering on or near any entrance , passage, vestibule to /into or off the premises or occasioned  (whereto it may occur) wholly or in part, by any act, neglect, default or admission by the Hirer, or his agents, servants or invites, or any other persona using the premises with his/her approval, express or implied.

  17. The Hirer will continue to accrue additional venue hire on an hourly basis (or part thereof) until all guests have left the building and the building is secured.  Should you continue beyond the time stated, an extra hire charge may apply.  Access times – as per the final contract – must be adhered to.

  18. The Hirer is responsible for any additional cleaning costs to ensure the venue is brought back to its original state

  19. The Hirer agrees to the hiring of approved security guards should the event be s alcohol. If alcohol is being sold the hirer will advise police of the event by means of the occasional licence application form available on line at

  20. The Hirer will ensure that any signage or decorations being used will be approved by venue management. Bluetac, glitter and sticky tape will cannot be used under any circumstances. The use of un-approved could result in loss of the hirers bond.

  21. The hirer must have minimum of one Civic Centre staff member at their event if open to the public. The cost will be reflected in the quote.

  22. Management promotes safe work practices and all employees and hirers will actively participate in safe work practices. All electrical equipment brought into the venue must display evidence of a current electrical safety check. All parties are responsible for Occupational Health and Safety.

  23. Management reserves the right to cancel or change bookings.
  24. Management reserves the right to request the use of the facility, should it be required for special purpose or one off events.

  25. Management will admit a ticketed patron with a carer from any State or Territory holding a ‘Companion Card’ at no charge to the card holder in order to provide attendant care support to participate at the venue as an audience member or in the case of support for a performer.

  26. Management will be required to insist on the Smoking policy. Smoking is prohibited anywhere inside the building or within 5 metres of the entrances to the building including the ramp access and any undercover external area.  Three smoking areas are provided, one at the back of the venue adjacent to the green room, and two at the front of the building.  Patrons failing to comply with this policy will be instructed to leave the event / venue and not permitted to return

  27. Management reserves the right to refuse admission to any part of the building or it’s grounds to any person who displays offensive, or obscene language or behaviour is intoxicated or is deemed a threat to the property.

  28. Management may change Hire Conditions without notice.

  29. Management may refuse to let the Venue in any case, and notwithstanding that the Venue may have been let or that the conditions have been accepted and signed and the hiring fee paid, Council shall have the full power if it sees fit to cancel such a hiring and direct the return of the hire fee so paid, and the hirer thereby agrees to accept the same and to be held to have consented to such cancellation and to have no claim at law or in equity for any loss or damage in consequence.

  30. Management will determine permission for a notices, poster, decorations or banner or such shall be put up outside or inside the Venue.

  31. Management will require a permit for Hot Works inclusive but not limited to the events of pyrotechnic activities including but not limited to the use of candles, sparklers, dry ice, smoke machines, fireworks.  Express written permission must be sought by the hirer 14 days prior to the event.

  32. Alcohol sales on the premises are strictly prohibited, unless appropriate licences have been obtained by the hirer at the hirer’s cost.

  33. Alcoholconsumption at your event requires Shire approved security guard/s and responsible service of alcohol.

  34. The Shire of Broome requires a minimum of one staff member be present at your event. Charges will be included within your quote as per the standard fees and charges.

  35. Contracting of relevant technician is arranged by the hirer at hirer cost. Standard practice is to commence one hour prior to access, the duration of the event and half an hour after the event concludes. When hiring the Broome Civic Centre with full use of AV, a Shire of Broome approved sound and lighting Technician is required.

  36. Shire of Broome Council President, Chief Executive Officer and Venue Manager shall at all times be granted free access to any part of the building. This shall not entitle them to any seat or privilege, other than as Executive or Administration Officials.

  37. Shire of Broome shall not be held responsible in any way for the loss of or damage to property placed in the Venue by the Hirer, no for any loss by the hirer through accident or failure of the electricity or other plant or by any unavoidable cause. All care will be taken.