Over the Fence Comedy Film Festival 2020

Past Event

22nd Over The Fence Comedy Film Festival.
The coolest comedy film fest is back with our 22nd edition in 2020!
And this year’s theme is 'Scrambled!'
Come see the wild mashed-up tales from 14 short comedy filmmakers from around the planet - all in one 2 hour show!
See relationships crash, and rise too! Or, the messes made by humans doing… eh, ‘humany’ things.
Get ready to feel totally ‘scrambled’ by their amazing sense of humour & their crazy adventures!


Event Details

Time: 6:30 PM

Venue: Broome Civic Centre


Contact: Sam Bowra

Organisation: Shire of Broome

Position: Venue Supervisor

Phone: 08 9191 8789

Email: broomeciviccentre@broome.wa.gov.au

Website: https://www.broomeciviccentre.com.au/

Event Date(s)

  • Saturday 7th March 2020